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Siberian Western 2014: Life, History and Culture

September 14-27, 2014 took place the first Summer School titled “Siberian Western: Life, History and Culture”.



The Western Siberia today is a unique region where we can see the combination of a growing economy, peculiarities of administrative and territorial organization and indigenous cultures of the people populating it.

In this respect the summer school “Siberian Western: Life, History and Culture” aims to provide its participants with academic and practical experience in constructing their own image of the new territory on the example of Western Siberia. The summer school offers a variety of ways to “explore” the Western Siberia: from academic lectures on human geography, history of Western Siberia exploration, sociology and even political studies of the region to workshops and round-table discussions, excursions and ethno-geographical expeditions. As a result, the participants should present their film about their image of Western Siberia.

The first part of the school will be academic and comprise courses of Russian as a second langiage and lectures on different disciplines. The second part presumes practical learning through visiting suburbs and towns of indigenous people settlements, Museum of oil and gas production and Western Siberian Technopark, enterprises and the tour to “Jugra” to Khanty-Mansiisk etc. and workshops on movie production taught by specialists from the university TV-channel “Eurasion”.


The target group of the summer school is active students who would like to get an experience of field-research, working in groups, cross-cultural communication, regional studies and social projecting. The summer school participants will acquire the knowledge and practices on common research of history, culture and society of the region from many sides in order to create their own image of the Western Siberia and to give suggestions to its improvement.

The Summer School was organized with support of DAAD program “Go East”.